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Animal Shelter Rescue
Animal Shelter Rescue

The PAWS of NE LA Animal Shelter Rescue program was formed in 2003 to help animals from the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter, our local public pound that has a >70% euthanasia rate. While our wonderful rescue program has saved the lives of over 800 dogs from the OPAS over the past 9 years, please remember that animals in this area will continue to be euthanized daily due to overpopulation; we must start preventing these unwanted animals from being born. Talk up spay/neuter to anyone who will listen and always "fix" your pets!


We are able to pull animals from the OPAS that might not otherwise get adopted due to overcrowding, health issues such as heartworm or because of their particular breed. We take these animals into our program, have them fully vetted, place them in loving foster homes and work with rescue groups all over the country to help find their perfect forever families. These pets are given a second chance at life through the PAWS Animal Shelter Rescue Program!

Our Rescue Program is also in charge of hosting a monthly offsite adoption for Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter pets at Petco in Monroe, LA on the last Saturday of each month. We arrange spay/neuter surgeries for all the dogs and cats we plan to take, bathe and groom them so they look their best and PAWS volunteers help transport and handle the dogs on offsite day. In addition to our regular Petco offsite adoption days, the PAWS Rescue Program takes adoptable cats from the OPAS to the Cat Adoption Center inside Petsmart. By getting shelter animals out in the public eye and increasing awareness of the amazing pets at the OPAS, we have helped facilitate thousands of adoptions since PAWS of NE LA was formed in 2003.


FOSTER - Fostering saves lives plain and simple. We cannot pull animals from the shelter without local foster homes waiting to take them in. It takes a truly special person to become a foster parent to a pet. You have to be willing and able to fully give your heart and home to an animal that will become part of your family for a few weeks or months. Many people think they couldn't love and care for a pet for only a short period of time, but then you realize that you are the integral link to that pet's finding a wonderful home rather than facing an unfortunate fate at the shelter. One of our fosters describes the experience: "Some people have wondered how I could foster a dog I will eventually have to give away, but the sadness of giving them away is nothing compared to the thought of never giving them a chance to live!" We can't do it without your help! Learn more and fill out an application online through the links on the right side of this page.

SPONSOR - "Save a life by sponsoring a shelter dog and then follow their journey to a loving, forever home!" The sponsor makes a one time donation to PAWS of Northeast Louisiana for a dog in our Animal Shelter Rescue Program. The donation is 100% tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes directly towards "your" sponsored dog. Sponsors are true angels to our rescue program! We work hard to make sure all sponsors feel like they have been a part of their sponsor dog’s heartwarming rescue journey. Sponsor perks vary based on sponsor levels. Details about our sponsorship program and the very special Pops Fund can be found in the links on the right of this page.

TRANSPORT - We also need people to volunteer their time and gas to help drive rescued animals to meet an adopter or catch a transport that will take them to their new home or foster home. This usually involves a 2 hour drive to Shreveport, Jackson or another surrounding city.

VOLUNTEER - Email to sign up as an offsite adoption day volunteer. 2 hours of your time once a month can forever change the life of a shelter dog in need!