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Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter Statistics

5,452 animals were put to sleep in 2011 at the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter. An average of 15 animals per day were humanely euthanized. 60% of dogs & puppies and 85% of cats & kittens were put to sleep in 2011 and never made it out of the shelter.

Of the 8,177 animals that entered the doors of the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter in 2011, only 493 were reclaimed by their owners. Less than 7% of the animals picked up by animal control were brought back home by their original owners.

1,649 animals were adopted from the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter in 2011. That amounts to a 20% adoption rate. 1356 dogs & puppies (16% adoption rate) and 293 cats & kittens (3% adoption rate) found new homes.

Approximately 98,000 animals are put to sleep in Louisiana shelters every year. Nearly 8% of these cats and dogs come from Ouachita Parish.

The shelter is not to blame!

The Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter is a governmental agency under the Ouachita Parish Police Jury responsible for protecting the public safety and health as associated with domestic and wild animals. They are located at 417 Well Road in West Monroe, Louisiana. "OPAS" also accepts strays and owner surrendered animals. They took in 8,177 dogs & cats in 2011. With fewer than 100 cages, they must euthanize on a daily basis. There is simply not enough room or homes for all the animals. Companion animal overpopulation is a tragic problem in our area.

What is PAWS doing to help?

PAWS of NE Louisiana volunteers take adoptable animals from the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter to Petco on the last Saturday of each month for an offsite adoption. We also bring our pet I.D. tag machine and give away free I.D. tags. Our Animal Shelter Rescue program works to pull dogs and cats from "OPAS". We are in desperate need of foster homes. PAWS also has a program to provide spay/neuter assistance to pets of low income families. You can learn more about PAWS and what we do here on our website or email us at

Every year there is a large number of animals that come through the doors of the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter:

  • 2006 - 7,822 dogs & cats entered the Ouachita Parish Shelter
  • 2007 - 9,030 dogs & cats entered the Ouachita Parish Shelter
  • 2008 - 9,161 dogs & cats entered the Ouachita Parish Shelter
  • 2009 - 9,056 dogs & cats entered the Ouachita Parish Shelter
  • 2010 - 8,353 dogs & cats entered the Ouachita Parish Shelter
  • 2011 - 8,100 dogs & cats entered the Ouachita Parish Shelter
You Don't Need a Pedigree to be a Best Friend

And every day of every year, they are forced to put down most of these animals. There are the lucky few that get adopted, reclaimed by an owner or sent to rescue groups. The majority of the animals are held for the required 7 days with the hope that their owners will come searching for them. For most of them, that day never comes. With fewer than 100 cages for dogs AND cats, there is only a very small area to house the animals and put them up for adoption. It is not an enjoyable or easy task to have to decide each and every day which dogs and cats will stay and which will be put to sleep.

PLEASE, make sure your pets are spayed or neutered. This is the single most important thing you can do to help prevent so many pets from being put to sleep every day. And please make sure you are absolutely ready for a pet financially and physically before you bring a new animal home.