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PAWS Pet Therapy - "Charlie"

Name: Charlie Faulk

Handler: Liz Faulk

Age: 4 years (May 2008)

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Tri-Color-Black, Tan, and White)

Years as a Therapy Dog: Since Dec. 2010

Titles Held: CGC and TDI

Places Visited: Nursing Homes (Currently visit Ridgecrest Community Care in West Monroe), Assisted Living (Stoneybook), PAWS4Reading (At Ouachita Parish Main Branch-on North 18th St and Stubbs Ave). Looking forward to MedCamp visits and Humane Education Visits.

Reason for Becoming a Therapy Dog: My vet, Dr. Susan Paul, told my mom that I would be a great therapy dog with just a little training as I have a very LAIDBACK personality and it takes a LOT to bother me. I can be kenneled with any other dog and I am brave when I get shots or have to go to the vet for visits. I also never have met a dog, cat, or other animal (even bunnies and ducks) that I did not think was my best friend; however the feelings are not always mutual. I love for kids to read me books; yet, my favorite people are the elderly as they give me lots of love and sometimes slip me some food when my mom is not looking. A;so, sometimes my mom reads to me before we go to sleep-I am up on all the latest fashion and celebrity news!

About me: My number ONE favorite thing is FOOD, whether it is a "treat" or my supper-I never pass up on food and I tend to beg/give sad eyes for food/treats everywhere I go. Did you know they give "treats" at Chick-fil-a? and Starbucks? I make sure they see me in the passenger's seat when my mom goes through the drive-through. I can find a spot to lay down and fall asleep anyway I go with my mom-whether it is at the nursing home, library, or even outside. In the car, I LOVE to stick my head out the window while I am "jamming to music." I also like to go visit my "Great-Grandma" at her assisted living where other dogs and bunnies live. Although my Great-Grandma does not always know my name, she calls me "Baby," "Cutie," or "Sweetie" and seems to find a way to sneak me some food often without my mom looking. Now, my Grandma really spoils me with a stocking at Christmas time and a basket at Easter. My grandma also lets me sleep over sometimes in her "big bed" with my favorite girl dog, Lady.

Overall, I am a sweet, go-with-the-flow guy who really enjoys my "outings" for therapy visits as I cannot get too much love and attention from everyone I meet.

PAWS Therapy Teams

All of our PAWS Therapy teams consist of local volunteers and their personal pets. All animals have undergone strict personality screening, obedience training, and are certified by Therapy Dogs International or Delta Society. To become a PAWS Therapy team, it is a requirement your animal be certified by one of the national pet therapy organizations. Contact us today! We'll help you get certified so you can brighten lives with your companion animal.